The cultural, historical and scientific heritage of this nation makes it capable of bouncing back after every setback it may face; and since it is a live nation, it can assume its responsibilities towards its people in order to make them happy and achieve prosperity. Therefore, it is imperative for the people of this nation to translate this great heritage into a distinctive reality, so that everyone will live with dignity, freedom and security.


Tajammo’ Nahdat Jeel is a civil democratic political party that believes in political pluralism and peaceful alteration of power. It defends the rights to freedom, and works to attract the support of active citizens in order to achieve Iraq’s national objectives. Given our belief that the current political class has failed to achieve the minimum demands of the masses, we strive to implement an integrated program that is applied by a set of competencies, intellectuals and academics and young people, who are capable of achieving change that meets the aspirations of our Iraqi people; along with bringing life back to normal, fixing the disastrous mistakes of the past, addressing the societal detriments and drawing a better future for us and for the future generations.


Our democratic institutional system requires us to learn and develop continuously; and to attract capacities and intellectuals and enable them to reach the status they deserve, regardless of their joining date. Everyone here agrees that leadership and management are given to those who deserve it, and that the ultimate goal is to achieve the objectives aspired by the Iraqi people, who prevail over any partisan, personal or factional interests. In this Organization, we believe that the Iraqi people have got tired of the conflicts and the political bickering that do not lead to concrete positive results on the ground; so the best way to face the failures of the government performance will be by offering applicable practical solutions.

Our motto in this Organization is (Tolerance… Development… Reconstruction), and the Organization’s doors are open for all the Iraqi people that believe in what we believe in from equality, justice, equal opportunities and happiness to others.

  1. In a country overflowing with enormous wealth, and unlimited potential opportunities, we believe that every Iraqi should enjoy the full right to free healthcare, free education at all levels, and a decent residence.
  2. Iraqis are equal in rights and duties away from sectarianism, communalism, nationalism and racism.
  3. Emphasis on Iraq’s belonging to its Arab and Islamic surroundings.
  4. Respect for political pluralism and compliance with the peaceful alteration of power.
  5. Efficiency, sincerity and integrity are the standard for differentiation.
  6. Adoption of the continuous learning and development approach in modernizing the political, humanitarian and community programs.
  7. Defending the human rights and emphasizing the individual and collective freedoms.
  8. The society’s best interest is above all the partisan, personal and factional interests.
  9. The youth are the nation’s future; we pledge to maintain their interests, help them achieve their aspirations, contribute to the development of their potentials and capabilities, and enable them to participate in the decision-making. We will seek to implement effective programs to empower the youth sector in the recruitment field, and to launch small enterprises.
  10. Maintaining the concept of the civil state that is based on the constitutional foundations and legal frameworks.
  11. Nahdat Jeel Organization believes that women constitute half of the society, and we have a duty to support them to get their full rights and take their rightful place in building the society.
  12. Emphasis on the principle of social justice in dealing with the society issues.
  13. Rejection of all the sectarian, racial and factional ideas that lead to the division of the society’s components, and working on enacting legislations that prohibits the sectarian rhetoric, the inflammatory media and all that would cause strife and division among the people.
  14. Openness to all the national political forces that we agree or disagree with their directions and visions; in order to promote a culture of dialogue and respect for differing views.
  1. Work with all the parties in order to achieve Iraq’s security and stability, and the safety and unity of its territories.
  2. Work on amending the Constitution in line with the aspirations of the Iraqi people.
  3. Full adherence to democracy and respect for human rights.
  4. Fair distribution of the State’s wealth according to the Constitution.
  5. Maintain the independence of the political decision in order to preserve the State’s security and sovereignty.
  6. Promote the educational and pedagogical institution and work their development.
  7. Support and develop the cultural and artistic institutions, organizations, and associations, and the civil society organizations; along with activating the role of the tribes in the advancement of social reality.
  8. Develop and activate the sports sector.
  9. Address the societal diseases caused by wars, political transitions, financial and administrative corruption through committees specialized in this regard.
  10. Achieve social justice among the society members through the abolition of class differences and the elimination of tribal and partisan favoritism.
  11. Strive to develop the required sustainable development plans, establish a comprehensive social system, and secure the decent living requirements for all the citizens.
  12. Enhance the role of women in the public life; increase their participation in the joints of the society; and improve their contribution at the legislative and executive levels.
  13. Restrict weapons in the hands of the State and stop the alarming growth of the society’s militarization.
  14. Enact the Federal Court Act.