Akram Al-Assaf

Iraq is surely poised to begin an era of reconstruction, development, tolerance, prosperity, and openness to the world. As stability and security deepen, now is the time to invest in the future of our people. Now is the time to strategize towards an Iraq bustling with life, its horizon dotted with cranes around construction sites, and its economy growing to be the future powerhouse of the region. This roadmap will set our country on a sustainable and resilient path for Iraq’s future generations.

Tajamoo’ Nahdat Jeel envisions Iraq’s prosperity through diversifying the economy; attracting strategic investments; creating economic opportunities; developing strong education and health care systems with improved access; building the workforce capacity, training needs and entrepreneurship skills; empowering women to take active roles in their communities; and investing in our youth to create a better tomorrow for Iraq.

Tajamoo’ Nahdat Jeel is committed to exert zealous efforts to secure the future of Iraq, its people, its economy, its cultural identity and its environment. We count on your support to power our commitment to steer the future socio-economic developments in Iraq and to help us realize the vision of all Iraqis- to create Iraq’s brighter future.



Akram Al-Assaf