Economic Agenda

  1. Fight against corruption in all its forms and consider it as another face for terrorism, which aims to destroy the country, kill its people, and drain its resources and wealth. Enact laws to punish the perpetrators of corruption, and resort to the Interpol to arrest all the wanted criminals and bring them to justice.
  2. Emphasize the issue of its transition from a totalitarian economy to a free economy, and legislate the necessary laws for the completion of the targeted transition based on well-thought scientific basis; so as to achieve the desired objectives in community development and the State’s prosperity.
  3. Efficient investment of natural resources in order to achieve economic and social renaissance while maintaining the sustainable development.
  4. Work on amending the investment laws and create the suitable environment for attracting investment in order to achieve comprehensive development; and that can be done by allowing specialists to play their role in developing the proper frameworks for all the investment-related activities; and avoiding inappropriate government intervention, which may hinder the investment process.
  5. Work on taking Iraq out of the scope of the rentier state that places all the resources in the hands of the Government to do with them as it pleases; and reject the principle of charities by issuing the necessary legislation, which include maximizing the resources of the State and not relying solely on the oil.
  6. Support extractive and manufacturing industries, and support the small and medium-sized enterprises that provide jobs to reduce unemployment and maximize national income.
  7. Fair distribution of the national wealth to achieve equality among the people and realize the required welfare.
  8. Work on establishing an agricultural system through an efficient national investment for the available resources to achieve food security and self-sufficiency; in addition to providing employment opportunities; because agriculture is our lifeline and is considered an essential source for the national economy parallel to the oil or perhaps as a substitute for it in case of low oil prices or its depletion in the future.
  9. Promote and activate the tourism facilities in Iraq with all its three types from natural, religious, and historical tourism; prepare all its supplies and requirements; and consider it one of the most important sources of national income.
  10. Formulate the marketing policy for the Iraqi product to achieve sustainability for the production and competitiveness in the local, regional and international markets; in addition to developing the necessary legislation to protect the local product.