Educational Agenda

  1. Develop the pedagogical and educational institutions starting from kindergartens to universities according to a specific and clear philosophy; in order to pull the educational reality out the deterioration that is going through now, and to achieve a balance between the curricula, the teaching methods and the labor market requirements; thus achieving sustainable development to make the educational reality in Iraq have a global sobriety and obtain an advanced rating among the world nations to carry out its leading role.
  2. Emphasize the continuous education to develop the human resources that contribute in supporting the development.
  3. Involve specialists, experts and academics from the holders of higher degrees in developing programs, methodologies and plans, and formulating the State’s public policy.
  4. Open up to the global universities and scientific research institutions; communicate with them through memoranda of cooperation, twinning, missions, fellowships and training sessions; and participate in conferences and joint research projects, in order to enhance the scientific knowledge and expertise of the Iraqi cadres.
  5. Establish scientific research institutions for all the specializations, and support them financially and morally to contribute in supporting the development.