Social Agenda

  1. Support and develop the official and semi-official cultural and artistic institutions, organizations, associations and syndicates to contribute in building the nation.
  2. Work on encouraging citizens to establish effective civil society organizations to contribute to the advancement of the social reality and address the societal diseases caused by wars, political transitions, financial and administrative corruption.
  3. Achieve social justice among the society members through the abolition of class differences and the elimination of tribal, partisan and sectarian favoritism.
  4. Emphasize the vital role of youth in building the nation, and our Organization is committed to support the youth sector and help them to achieve their aspirations, and invest their capacities and capabilities, along with empowering them to participate in the decision-making and formulate the nation-building policies.
  5. Enhance the role of women in the public life; increase their participation in the joints of the society; and improve their contribution in all the authorities; in order to enhance their role in building the society and the state.
  6. Activate the laws related to human rights, the Personal Status Law, and the women’s and children’s rights.